Rathyna Gomer

The greatest investment I made at the beginning of the ProAm drift season was undeniably with KBD Body Kits. An important part of driving is being able to have full trust in your car and being able to continuously push the limits without being worried about the consequences. I was always being held back with my driving in the past because if I scraped a wall, tapped a barrier (or another car), or even simply dirt dropped I would end up shattering my side skirts, fenders, and bumpers into smithereens. Back then, pushing my car to the limits was costly and many times, just not worth it. Now, I do not even think about it. I just drive. I drive hard knowing that I do not have to spend a ton of money making the car complete again after each track day. I can unload and load my car off of the trailer without having to worry. I can lose my bumper, run it over, and STILL not have to worry. Competitive drifting has always been a mental battle, and KBD gives me one less thing to worry about all while making the car look good too. I literally have a bumper graveyard in my backyard, and KBD is the only kit that has never made it into that pile - true story!