About Our Polyurethane Material

All Urethanes Are Not Created Equal

Did you know that the word “Polyurethane” (often called “Urethane” or “Poly”) is a generic term given to a wide array of plastics, and they are NOT all the same?

Some quick history: Otto Bayer and his coworkers at IG Farben in Leverkusen, Germany first made polyurethanes in 1937. Early work focused on the production of fibres and flexible foams. PUs were applied on a limited scale as aircraft coating during World War II. Over the years many advancements were made to polyurethane chemistry and products made from urethane. These advancements include carpet underlay, adhesives, mattresses, foam cushions, and more.

To achieve the properties required to make these products (flexible, rigid, soft, hard, etc.), different chemicals are blended together as a recipe or formula. There are hundreds of different chemical ingredients made by numerous chemical manufacturers. Some chemical manufacturers claim that their chemicals are equal “offsets” to their competitors, but experience has shown this to be false. Sometimes substituting just one ingredient can drastically affect the end result. Often this is not apparent immediately, but the problems will manifest themselves over time.

KBD Body Kits, having almost 50 years of experience in producing auto parts, has carefully crafted a proprietary formula which uses the best chemical suppliers and custom formulators available. Our quality control process assures our customers that every part we make will not only look great, but will stand the test of time. There is just no substitute for KBD quality.

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY COMPETITORS CLAIMS that their products are the same. All urethanes are not created equal.