Our Limited Lifetime Warranty


Every part we create is manufactured at our facility in Orange County, California and we take quality control very seriously. Our parts are injection molded to ensure consistency and test fitted on OEM vehicles to confirm proper fitment.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers parts that have broken (due to use on a vehicle), that do not fit, or that are deemed defective. If we determine a part has broken due to use on a vehicle, does not fit, or is defective, we will replace it free of charge. Please note, our warranty is limited to the original purchaser of a part.

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee fitment of parts in which we do not manufacture. The vehicle’s age and condition must be considered when fitting parts. Due to our parts being custom, extra mounting points may be needed to ensure accurate fitment and performance.

The larger items we make are shipped folded to save our customers hundreds of dollars in shipping fees and the hassle of dealing with freight shipping companies.

Our proprietary material allows our parts to return to their original shape; the application of heat is recommended. The hot sun, a heat booth, a heat gun (even a blow dryer or hot water) will help stimulate the memory agent in our material and the part will adjust back to its original shape.

Here at KBD we work tirelessly to create parts of the highest quality possible. Our goal is to make every part better than the last.

We depend on 3rd party body shops to install our parts and our proprietary material may be something even an experienced body shop might not be familiar with. Please make sure the installer is qualified to work with polyurethane vehicle body parts.

We can supply installation support and a painting guide, if requested.

Due to our high-quality standards, we take claims with upmost importance. Please be advised that we may need detailed information about your claim such as photos (various overview and close-up angles in good lighting conditions), measurements, driving conditions, climate & location, the person installing the part, etc.

In some cases, we may ask that a part be shipped back to us for further evaluation.

Please request a return & fill out our claim form, so that we may evaluate your claim. The claim must be submitted by the original person who purchased the part with proof of purchase.