Installation Guide Submission Instructions

Step 1 – Receive Approval

Go to kbdbodykits.com and find the product page for the product you are interested in. If there is no “Installation Guide” link on the product page, email us with the SKU(s) you are interested in writing a guide for. If no guide is already being made, we will approve your request.

Step 2 – Submit Your Guide

Once approved, purchase the product directly on kbdbodykits.com. Within 2 weeks of receiving the product, write an installation guide and email us with the guide attached. Please include your order number and full name in the subject line.

Step 3 – Receive 30% Money Back

We will review your guide and get back to you via email within 2-5 business days. If approved, a 30% refund (30% of product cost, excluding shipping) will be refunded via check (sent to the address that the product was originally sent to).

Guide Submission Rules/Guidelines

  • Guide should be completed in Microsoft Word format.
  • Include a list of tools needed to properly install the part.
  • Guide must include step-by-step instructions, including original pictures and content.
  • Include all specifications, including bolt sizes, etc.
  • Use clear, concise English (no abbreviations or slang). Avoid long blocks of text and use bullet points when necessary.
  • Each guide must include at least 6 original images (1 before image, 4+ during install, 1 final image).
  • Images must be 500+ pixels wide, clear, and in-focus.

Terms: Only one guide per product will be accepted (first come, first serve). Once the 30% refund is initiated, the installation guide becomes property of American Plastic Technologies, LLC. American Plastic Technologies, LLC is then free to use the guide in any fashion, and the original author does not retain copyright of the guide.