Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Needed?
Heat Source
KBD Body Kits Product

Warning: EXTREME CAUTION is needed when applying heat to form your product back to its original shape. Please read through this unboxing & unfolding guide thoroughly before proceeding. When applying heat, please be extremely cautious (as the heat you are applying is hot). Likewise, when the product has been heated, please use EXTREME CAUTION (because the product itself may then be extremely hot).

Step 1: Unboxing. Take the KBD Body Kits product out of the box and place it to the side. Do not be alarmed that the product is in a folded fashion; the part will return to its original form. We fold most of our products, so they do not need to be shipped by freight. This saves our customers from paying the tremendous costs and having to deal with the inefficiencies of freight shipping.

Step 2: Unfolding. This step can be done several different ways. Exposing the product to a heat source is the key to activating the memory agent within the material of the product, allowing the product to return to original form. We have found the following options are the best practices of returning a KBD Body Kits product to its original form:

Option 1: Placing the product in the sun. If you are in a location where the temperature outside is relatively warm, then this option will be the easiest. Simply put the product outside in the direct sunlight and wait until the product has been fully formed back to its original shape. Using a hot ground placement for the product (such as asphalt) will help the process go faster. The time it takes for the product to return to its original shape greatly depends on how hot it is outside and how hot the ground is. We found this process to normally take 15-30 minutes, but it can take a few hours if the temperature outside is not as hot.

Option 2: A body shop’s heated paint booth. Body shops commonly have heated paint booths, which help in the paint removal process. If your body shop has a heated paint booth, have your body shop place the KBD Body Kits product in the heated paint booth until the product has fully formed back to shape.

But it’s cold outside and I don’t have access to a heated paint booth!

No problem. We have other solutions just for you. If you have access to a hair blow dryer, heat gun, or hot water – any of these items can help the product return to its shape. Just be careful, because these items can get extremely hot. USE EXTREME CAUTION!

Step 3: Removing the KBD Body Kits product from the heat source. After the product has been heated and has formed back to its original shape, the product will be hot. Let the product sit for 10-15 minutes before handling (or until the product has cooled). Please USE EXTREME CAUTION as the product may be hot.

Congratulations! Your KBD Body Kits product is ready for test fitting, paint and installation. Please see “How do I prepare a KBD Body Kits product for paint?” below before painting to make sure your product looks its best after painting.

 Please contact us Monday- Friday from 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time at 877-399-3794, if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing KBD!

Check out the video below to see our unboxing & unfolding process in action!

What’s Needed?
3 x Clean Rags
Ajax With Bleach Powder Cleaner
Uneeda P-100400 Maroon (or equivalent) Coarse Scuff Pad
SEM 39134 Flexible Primer Surfacer
400 Grit Sandpaper

Warning: KBD Body Kits recommends professional installation and paint. This paint guide needs to be provided to the individual who is painting your KBD Body Kits product. Every automotive body shop has different painting experience levels. If they don’t have experience painting a KBD Body Kits product, they need to know these simple procedures for prepping a product. Prep-work is crucial to a great paint job (this is true for all body panels).

KBD Body Kits recommends preparing products for paint using the following procedures:

1. Wet the 1st clean rag with acetone. Using very light pressure, wipe down the KBD Body Kits product with the acetone rag.
2. Spread the Ajax With Bleach Powder Cleaner on a Uneeda P-100400 Maroon (or equivalent) coarse pad and clean the surface of the product thoroughly.
3. Pour water on the KBD product in order to make sure the product has been cleaned properly. If the product has NOT been properly cleaned, the water will form into beads on the product. If the product HAS been properly cleaned, then the water will roll off in sheets. See examples below.

Uncleaned example: In this example the product has not been cleaned yet. Notice the water forms into beads.

Cleaned example: Once water rolls off in sheets, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

1. Wet the 2nd clean rag with acetone. Using very light pressure, wipe down the KBD Body Kits product with the acetone rag.
2. Once the product has been properly cleaned, apply SEM 39134 Flexible Primer Surfacer to the product.
3. Sand the primed item using 400 grit paper until the item is even throughout.
4. Wet the 3rd clean rag with acetone. Using very light pressure, wipe down the now-primed KBD Body Kits product with the acetone rag.

Congratulations! You have prepared your KBD Body Kits product and you are now ready for paint!

Beware of Fisheyes (“pinholes”): KBD Body Kits products are made using multi-sided molds. Before injecting the hot polyurethane (which forms the product), the inside of the mold is coated with a mold release.

This mold release prevents the product from sticking to the mold. When removing the formed polyurethane product from the mold, trace amounts of mold release is left on the surface of the product. These trace amounts of mold release must be cleaned off prior to painting.

It is important for the product to be thoroughly cleaned and prepared using our recommended procedures above. Failure to follow these procedures may result in Fisheyes or Pinholes, which is not covered by the KBD Body Kits Warranty Program. See the example below.

Please contact us Monday- Friday from 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time at 877-399-3794, if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing KBD!

At this time, we do not offer painted products for sale. All products we manufacture can be painted by a 3rd party body shop or individual. If you need help finding a qualified body shop to paint your product, please contact us – we would be happy to help you find a body shop in your area.

Not every product we manufacture includes an installation guide and hardware. Most of our products are designed to be installed using a vehicle’s factory hardware. Hardware and installation guides are only included, if notated on a product page. We highly recommend professional installation for all products we manufacture, especially if you are installing a product on a vehicle with other modifications.

Pro Tip: Add-ons such as trunk wings, roof wings, side skirts, front lips and rear lips can be installed using double sided automotive grade tape. More specifically, we recommend 3M Automotive Grade VHB Double Sided Tape. For additional security, screws or rivets may be used as well.

Some of the products we manufacture come with pre-drilled holes and some do not. The products that do not have pre-drilled holes will have indentations for where the mounting holes need to be drilled. The reason we do not pre-drill holes on every product is many of our customers are installing our products on vehicles that are heavily modified. Vehicles that have major modifications or that are used in extreme conditions may need different mounting placements for a product. If your mounting placements are in factory locations, the indentations on our products will be where they need to be for installation; simply drilling a hole is all that is needed.

If you have more detailed questions about mounting a product we manufacture, please feel free to contact us.

We offer our retail customers who purchase on www.kbdbodykits.com a 60-day general return policy. If an item needs to be returned, it can be done so within 60 days of the delivery date along with a copy of the original invoice and a return authorization number. To obtain your return authorization number, please visit your account and request a return or call our customer service department at (877) 399-3794. All new products are guaranteed against breaking, defects in workmanship, and material (see our Limited Lifetime Warranty for more details). General returns may not be painted, stripped, used, cut, or altered in any way and must be returned in original condition. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number. Returns sent C.O.D or freight collect will not be accepted. Shipping costs are not refundable.