Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

First, thank you for your purchase of a KBD Body Kits part. Please note that all of our products are manufactured using our proprietary polyurethane, which contains a signature memory agent. Upon receiving and unpackaging your item, your body shop should place the item in a heated paint booth or other heat source for approximately 10-20 minutes. This will activate our memory agent, and your item will form back into shape. This is another example of how resistant to damage KBD Body Kit parts are.

Check out our unboxing instructions video below:

KBD Body Kits highly recommends professional installation on all parts. KBD Body Kit products are designed to be installed using your factory hardware.

Add-ons such as trunk wings, roof wings, fender flares, front lips and rear lips can be installed using double sided automotive grade tape. KBD Body Kits recommends 3M Automotive Grade VHB Double Sided Tape. For extra security, screws or rivets may be used as well.

KBD Body Kits does not offer pre-painted parts at this time.

KBD Body Kits recommends professional installation and paint. Every automotive body shop has different procedures that they feel comfortable with. Like all body panels, prep work is crucial to a great paint job. The following serves as a guide.

KBD Body Kits recommended prep procedure:

A. Using very light pressure, wipe down the item with an acetone rag.
B. Using “Ajax With Bleach Powder Cleaner” and a Uneeda P-100400 Maroon (or equivalent) coarse pad, clean the surface of the item. An indicator that the surface is clean is that water will roll off in sheets, not bead off.

Example A:

This example has not been cleaned yet. Notice the water forms into beads.

Example B:

Once water rolls off in sheets, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

C. Using very light pressure, wipe down the item with an acetone rag.
D. Once the item is clean, apply SEM 39134 Flexible Primer Surfacer to the item.
E. Sand the primed item using 400 grit paper until the item is even throughout.
F. Gently wipe the now primed item down with a clean acetone rag.
G. You are now ready for paint!