Crowd-Fund a KBD Product

Crowd-Fund a KBD Product

Here at KBD Body Kits we would like to give you and your community an opportunity to create something unique! We are always looking to expand our product offerings into new makes and models of vehicles. We would be happy to provide you with the tools to make your idea come true.

In the past we have been successful with crowd-funded projects such as the Nissan 300zx PMZ Wide Body Kit, Miata NA Deuce Full Body Kit, S13/S14 BN Full Body Kits and plenty more!

In order to start development for a new build, we require a crowd-funded 20-30 people (depending on the price of the product). We ask for the community to take their body kit ideas by the wheel.

If you are interested in managing a crowd-funded project for your preferred body kit, please gather your community together. Please collect a list of the individuals (names and emails) who will be crowd-funding the build and contact us with the information below. We will then email everyone a secured link to start the crowd-funding process. All crowd-funded deposits are 100% refundable, if for some reason the build is not successful.